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NodeSchool #3: realtime

The last time we had a lot fun building a chatbot with JavaScript in NodeJS! To continue on this journey of learning how to work with event based programming, we figured it was time to dive into websockets. Although it might be very similar to building a chatbot, we think it can be either a good lesson for new people or a fun challenge for the intermediate developer.


This workshop is meant for people that just started programming, but also fun if you’re an intermediate developer.

Our program

7:00 - Opening doors

7:30 - Introduction (doors are closed, please message us on chat if you’re later)

8:00 - Let’s go realtime with websockets!

9:00 - And we’re done!

You can stick around to ask questions, discuss the meetup or just chill afterwards.

Looking for sponsors

We’re looking for a sponsor(s) to help us provide free drinks and food, please contact: david@pixelbar.nl

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