pixelbar is currently


Pixelbar on fire!

For more information on what happened, please look at our Blogpost

We are still horrified on what happened to our Hackerspace but we won’t give up that easy in true Rotterdam spirit. We are stunned by all the help from all the amazing people all over the world, but we are not there yet! We could still use your help!

How can I help ?

There are several possibilities to help build up our hackerspace again. Below we point out a few of them.

Becoming a member or friend of the space

This is the best option for longtime support. To continue to grow our hackerspace and to be an awesome place to do awesome projects, do awesome events and overall be a nice place to hang out, we need more members! Or even friends of the space if you think being a full member is too much. If you want to know more on becoming a member (or friend), go to our Becoming a member section.

Click here for the GoFundMe
Click here for a Dutch payment link
Click here for our bank details

Donating stuff

As we lost everything in the fire, we are looking for a lot of new stuff to do projects again, do events and be a hackerspace again. You can think of electronics stuff like arduino’s, soldering stuff, 3d printers, but also a beamer,beamer screen, couches etc. The list is not limited to these items, but gives a general idea. If you think you have something to donate, get in contact with us via Discord or email for example.

When we get into a new space, we obviously need a lot of help to get the hackerspace into a functioning hakerspace. This involves getting stuff over, cleaning, carrying stuff into the space, transport, building and probably other stuff i’m forgetting. If you think you can contribute, get in contact with us via Discord or e-mail for example.

As we are not the only one in the building, please also consider donating to the other people in the Keilewerf building:

https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-de-keilewervers https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-buurman-rotterdam-weer-overeind https://steunactie.nl/actie/brand-keilewerf-nick-en-joost-verliezen-alles/-22134 https://steunactie.nl/actie/brand-bij-de-bende/-22131 https://steunactie.nl/actie/brand-bij-david-joep/-22125 https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-de-ondernemers-van-de-keilewerf