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Moved: Hacking Insights @ Pixelbar Rotterdam

Hacking insights was orginally planned for 25 June 2024, however Pixelbar is moving to a larger space so more people can attend. Due to the move, we’ve moved the hacking insights to Sunday 28 July 2024

On 28 July 2024 Pixelbar is hosting the people of Hacking Insights. Organizing a meetup filled with talks. The Hacking Insighs meetups have talks for all experience levels.

Due to our current location the spaces are limited to 15, so please RSVP or join the waitlist on meetup.

Confirmed talks

  • How a cheap Race Condition got me free money
  • Making a BLE Rubber Ducky (featuring the typical simple project’s rabbit hole)

More talks

We very much appreciate your contribution, and love it when the evening gets input from many people. So do you have something to talk about? Please come and share your insight!

What should my talk be about?

Talks are about what we learned at our jobs recently, new hacking techniques, vulnerabilities, hacking projects, a CTF you played, research you have been working on, insights from certifications, recommended must-read books, or anything else related to hacking and security.

For more information see the meetup page

INFO Hacking Insights

🗓 Sunday 28 July 2024
🕛 14:00 till 16:30
💸 Free entrance, registration required
📍 Schiemond 20, 3024 EE, Rotterdam (located inside “De Kroon”)