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NodeSchool #2: chatbots

It’s time for the second edition of NodeSchool Rotterdam. While the first edition was mostly theoretical, this time we’re going to be doing mostly practical things. Namely: Building a chatbot! With Node.JS obviously ;-)


This workshop is meant for people that just started programming, but also fun if you’re an intermediate developer.

Our program

7:00 - Opening doors

7:30 - Introduction (doors are closed, please message us on chat if you’re later)

8:00 - Building our first chatbot

9:00 - And we’re done!

You can stick around to ask questions, discuss the meetup or just chill afterwards.

Looking for sponsors

If you like us, and/or want to make sure people don’t starve at a hackerspace… please contact us! We’re looking for a sponsor to help us provide free drinks and food for everyone that’s interested in learning to code. Contact: david@pixelbar.nl

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