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We have to blog more!

The holidays are over!

In our last post we mentioned some of our members went to allsort of different camps. From Gamer-related camps to Hacker camps. Our participants are very diverse!

This summer some of our members decided on traveling to the United Kingdom for EMF Camp, against all expectations the weather was pretty nice and the camp was great. After returning from EMF Camp mc.fly and cookingroffa decided to go directly to CCC Camp in Germany. At the same moment miep, david, dennus, pim and tucje travelled to Limburg in the Netherlands to visit CampZone.

Because the writer of this article was amongst the “CampZone” visitors i will not have very much to tell about EMF and CCC Camp :(, We might add an update later!

At CampZone, a gamer camp held for the 16th time in Kronenberg we have met a lot of awesome people. We also noticed the general idea of “Gaming” at a camp like this is just for a small part of the visitors. Others are just here to put raw meat on the bbq or even perform some cosplay acts. Fortunatly we noticed in the last couple of years there was a great interest in hacking, not just the it-hacking part but also some electronics came by.

As a good hacker, you should at least destro,.. expiriment when you are somewhere. This CampZone we have found out, Inflateble bed pumps work under water, providing us with a nice fountain which tickled. After measuring we noticed there was around 80V AC flowing through us. And, our coffeemachine pump stopped working. This offcourse was an immediate reason to do some expirimenting. this time we just overclocked the poor 12V-DC pump to a comfortable 36V-DC. We managed to get the thing going again for some short time ( but the water got up very high ).

We had also brought lots of tinkering stuffs, which gave us the possibility to do an upgrade to the “beer-counter”, add an external antenne to a drone controller and we even got started with some SDR stuff. David found out cheap batteries sucked.

As a side project, one of out awesome friends Trouble came up with the idea of a festival-newspaper called “de PixelPaper”. An idea that got into everyones head. 5 editions were made, and they are still online today! please visit pixelpaper.nl where you can read all editions, even the ones with the real-life capture the flag storyline! Thanks Trouble!

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