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Buildlog new space part 5

Update #5 Hacking confirmed!

Since our last post, pretty much everything has changed. At least, as far as it concerns our hacking/building ratio. We even had some time to do some hacking, tinkering and soldering, Nice!

The walls downstairs are allmost completely done, so we continued upstairs. After some carefull planning to get the forklift in the smallest spaces we allmost made it to the ceiling. The last part of the walls upstairs will be left open for now, leaving some space for a “led-enabled” rooftop. Mc.fly thought of a very nice idea which would completely cover up the entire ceiling, making sure none of the industrial ceiling will be visible anymore. Offcourse we will update you with pic’s when it is done. We have also installed lockers for our participants to leave their projects and personal tools in the hackerspace. Every full member will get a locker until they are all gone.

At the 27th of June, we had a small hacking day. Just a day without hammers, drills and screws. We started with some nice projects. Pim and David even started building some nice electronic kits. Miep was doing weird stuff with a SDR dongle and a raspberrypi 3 and Cookingroffa created her own temperature regulator for some awesome food hacking tools. Needless to say, the day was a great success and the start of the “Yay! we’re getting there” feeling in and around the space.

Next wednesday will be a busy evening, since it is getting very close to the holidays. If you are around and want to get a nice peek inside Pixelbar, we’ll be there around 19:00. After this week, some of our members will attend summercamps and events like EMF-Camp and CampZone. Will we see you there ? Most of our members who attend CampZone will bring loads of tinkering stuffs with them. We will update you if awesome projects are created, after the holidays we will try to bring most of the projects to Pixelbar so they are visible for everyone in real life.

Because of the holidays there is a small possibility nobody attends Pixelbar during our weekly meetups on Wednesdays. Please check our website for the current spacestate, follow @pixelbar010 on twitter or subscribe to our Pushover group to get Push messages when we are open!