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Buildlog new space part 4

Update #4 The floor is done, We’re getting somewhere

Last week a lot of work was done on the installation of our floor by Dennus, Teq, Gollum, Jchn, Tucje and Pim. We can safely say, the floor is now finished. Yay!

We also created a front wall. The wall even includes a door with a lock. Miep and Pim have learned how to (not) install a door, and eventually they managed to create a way of closing off our hackerspace.

This buildlog is not as big as the buildlogs before, this has to do with the fact that we really want to continue our work on the hackerspace!

Next build meetup

Next Wednesday ( 25th of May ) we will be back at Pixelbar to continue our work. Miep and Pim will continue working on the big door in the front of the hackerspace, Tucje and Dennus will continue working on the closet and some of our members will start working on the walls upstairs. If you are around, feel free to drop by. ( but note, we might ask you to help us ;) ).

I want more info

Do you want to know all about our new hackerspace ? Please look over here.

Feel free to send us advice or, even more important help us building the new space. We are nowhere without help from our participants and our friends. We try to keep the Wiki as up-to-date as possible. When we have final dates for building the construction we will also send out an email to our mailinglist which you can join here.